Business Facility units

Developing a successful  destination is challenging in many ways. BSCWA helps you to adapt to the dynamic environment and explore the full potential of your observation attraction.

Our business facility units are designed as a suitable extension to our Client's business - A fully integrated plug & play solution.







Enhancing your business...

Operating a successful attraction requires a certain professional infrastructure. The BSCWA Business Facility Units are specially designed to meet the individual requirements of our Clients. Different applications and customized interiors can be effected using preconfigured modules. Our compact units can be easily combined and extended. All units are integrated within the drive & control system and are able to operate with your equipment. 

Explore the full potential of your business operation and create additional revenue by offering a wide variety of products and services to your customers. 


  • Management Office Unit Inside01.jpg
  • Management Office Unit Inside03.jpg
  • Catering Bistro Unit Inside02.jpg
  • Catering Bistro Unit Inside03.jpg
  • Catering Bistro Unit Inside04.jpg

Extending customer visiting time...

Our Business Facility Units help to add personal memories and stories, creating an unforgettable experience for your customers at your destination.

A great deal of flexibility and perfect integration enable a wide range of possibilities - from coffee shop to event catering, souvenir sales and other applications such as a bar. 

  • Restroom Unit.jpg
  • Team Unit Inside01.jpg
  • Team Unit Inside04.jpg
  • Team Unit Inside03.jpg