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 Optimizing Ticketing and Passenger Flows with a fully integrated and automated system

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Passenger guidance

The BSCWA Passenger Guidance system is a genuine innovation. It was specially developed for observation attractions and controls all area sales and the autonomous passenger boarding and disembarking. 



Our Passenger Guidance system meets highest design and quality standards with a connected control software and reliable components. The smart and interactive system is characterized by the following key features.

  • Modular and scalable product platform
  • Full integration with equipment drive & control system - balanced loading
  • Access and customer flow management
  • Guidance aids for boarding and disembarking - LED indication and signal lights
  • System connectivity and remote access support
  • System monitoring and sales evaluation software
  • Interactive operation interface and information board
  • Automated turnstiles and pre-boarding gates
  • Advanced and secure ticket system - RFID, 3D bar codes, print@home, seasonal pass
  • Point of sales - various possibilities from ticket counter to automated ticket machine
  • Integration of further sales for up to 2,500 different products
  • Individual ticket configurations - fast track, VIP  


An innovative system can only rely on excellent components. We have entered into a partnership with SKIDATA to consolidate a complete and fully integrated ticketing and Passenger Guidance system for our product line. 

Always marked by a culture of innovation, SKIDATA today is not only the world leader in the field of access and revenue management, but also the innovative leader in the industry. More than 10,000 SKIDATA systems in over 100 countries guarantee daily quick and secure access for people in a wide range of facilities.