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Highlighting Elegance with our Ambient Illumination Systems

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Ambient Lighting

Light influences our daily life and emotions. Attract customers to your destination and inspire them with a pleasant atmosphere. The lighting system becomes an integral functional component and serves the design of the equipment and its appearance. 


BSCWA has developed an advanced illumination concept for its Product Line. The individual components can be combined and extended. The lighting system is integrated in the control system of the equipment using the same platform and reliable power supply architecture. We help our clients to define a harmonious illumination concept for their attraction by supplying the right components. 

The lighting systems are based on the following 

  • LED power chip lighting - different executions possible
  • Dynamic display possibilities
  • Specially designed aluminum illumination panels with matching connections
  • Ambient lighting for different areas and components
  • High Power Uplighting - Arena Vision
  • Information and billboard displays
  • Lighting for working and maintenance areas
  • Electrical distribution and power supply system
  • Voltage stabilizers and UPS systems